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– Who we are.


We are a professional team with a passion for design and communication. We have experience on the strategic development of leading brands, which have presence in Colombia, Latin America and United States. 

We believe that design and strategy have an inseparable relationship. We like to innovate and take risks, which lead us to make unique solutions. We are experts in art direction, brand design, public relations, strategic planning and corporate crisis. We have the knowledge to advise our clients about the creation, enhancement or maintenance
of their brand.


Jorge Galán Gaviria

– Creative Director

I was born in Bogotá, Colombia. There, I completed a Bachelor Degree in Graphic Designer and a Major in Branding from the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University.

I have 12 years of experience as a graphic designer in experiential marketing agencies and branding studies in Bogotá (Colombia), Miami and NYC.

I am a lover of good design and clear communication. I give importance to typographic design as it provides a large importance to brands and defines their visual personality.

The creative processes that I develop for each project is based in a coherent strategic approach that supplies the needs of the brand.


Norma Muñoz García

– Strategic Manager

I acquired a Bachelor Degree in Communications and Journalism from the Sabana University with Masters Degree in International Business from the Business Administration School. These two universities are based in Bogota, Colombia, the city where I was born. 

During 12 years of hands–on experience in strategic communications, PR and corporate crisis, I had the opportunity to participate in strategic advice of major companies headquartered in Colombia, Latin America and United States.

I am particularly sensitive to respond to the strategic challenges that companies often face in fields such as communication, corporate brand and corporate crisis. I am passionate about solutions that contribute to generate brand reputation.