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Motion Graphics / Character Design / Brand Strategy


Public Sentiment is a nonprofit organization based in New York, which works together with governments, businesses and NGOs to prevent and reduce social conflict. This organization provides advice on issues such as peace agreements and referendums, worker and human rights and social licenses, among others.  


Toward this goal, Public Sentiment asked Galán Latin Studio to create an animation to introduce the organization and reach a broader audience. Additionally, Public Sentiment wanted to encourage donations from individuals and networks as well as generate future partnerships.


Galán Latin Studio produced an animation that is both informative and emotive. With unique illustrations, short texts and lively original music we narrated Public Sentiment’s innovative methodology while communicate the compassionate and caring nature of their mission.  


Carefully, this project connects all the elements to show in a warm and friendly tone, how Public Sentiment helps communities and countries in social conflict to build more stability, prosperity and a peaceful future.

Illustrations: Camilo Moreno / Copywriter: Rodrigo Ferve - Michael Lenihan / Music: Iván Beltrán